100 days to go!

IMG_9265All this training and preparation is starting to kick up a notch. Am I excited, overwhelmed, enthusiastic or just in denial? Well, It depends what time of day you ask me!

There’s so much to start thinking about and every time I pick up a running magazine the information I get is different to the last. I’m not sure how much I really need to pay attention to or how much of it is overkill?

While I get my head round the ins and outs of staying hydrated before, during and post run, what food I should be eating, what combination of running sessions I should be doing and at what pace, I thought now would be a good time to ask for a favour.

Even though I have a ballot place this year, I would still like to run the marathon for a good cause. Actually, two good causes. They are two amazing charities and I have picked them because they’re both close to my heart. If you can spare the money, however small the amount please consider helping me to raise money for Mind and JDRF by making a donation to my fundraising page.

Claire’s London Marathon fundraising page


It’s been a while

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus since my last post, but that’s not to say I have taken a hiatus from running! I’ve been making great progress the past couple of months, but posts that say “it’s all great!” can start to get a bit bland and boring.

In short, my injuries that have been the main focus of my entries have near enough resolved themselves. No longer am I hobbling around like an old woman thanks to plantar fasciitis, and no longer are my calves as stiff as a board …. I feel like a new person!

The early morning running, once a challenge, is now…well… still a bit of a mission. But I’m doing it! The really tough part now is getting up in the morning when its nearly 0 degrees.

At the end of November I successfully paced myself around a 10km race, in the rain, with puddles that stretched the width of the country road. I finished feeling energetic despite the soaked muddy socks I was wearing. I’ve been owning this training malarkey!

On Boxing Day I completed an 8.25 mile run back at home on a route that I was dreading, mainly because I struggled badly with the very same route around the same time the previous year. But this year was different. Maybe it was the Christmas dinner and copious amounts of chocolates filling my stomach, or – (more likely) –  maybe everything has just started to click. Running those 8 miles oddly felt comfortable, enjoyable and manageable. It was like nothing could stop me!

Then illness struck. Bar the odd 2 mile jog I have been out of action for over a week and it’s starting to bug me. I’m struggling with my breathing for even a 2 mile easy run. I even got a stitch after just 500m. I just want to make use of my new Garmin watch I got for Christmas!

I’m taking it slow and consistent for the next couple of days until I’m back to normal health then it’s straight into serious training for the half marathon race I have booked in for 8th February!