Two steps forward one step back

“If you are going through a time of discouragement, there is a time of great personal growth ahead.” ~Oswald Chambers

Just as my last post demonstrates, I thought I had turned a corner in my training. Things seemed to be moving along smoothly and my injury was causing minimal to no discomfort.

Then Sunday happened.

I set off to run 7km on a windy Sunday morning. It was OK to start, I was a bit sleepy and my legs felt a little heavy, but nothing I couldn’t or hadn’t dealt with before. But quickly I started getting pain in my arch again, quite significant pain. It’s like my feet had forgotten all the care and attention I’ve given them over the past couple of months and were throwing their toys out of the pram.

On the flip side there was no tightness in my calves that I would have expected from this type of run. And it made me realise that progress isn’t always going to be easy, and there are going to be tough days when things just don’t go as you planned in your runs. The really tough part about this is not letting it affect you mentally. I’m now feeling nervous about running a “long” distance again because I don’t want to have another painful run. But I need to change my thought process and remind myself that if I could do something, and do it well not too long ago, then I can do it again.

It’s a big test on my patience, of which there is little!

I’m going to persevere with my yoga, and my stretching, and icing the area, add in some strengthening excises specifically for my feet, and keep up with the running as much as I can without placing too much pressure on running a “good run”. What I need to keep thinking about through all of this is: two steps forward, one step back is still progress.


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