It’s not a fluke!

After my last post about the amazing run, I had an alarming thought – what if that run was a fluke? Was I tricked into thinking positively and were my legs just playing a cruel trick on me?

Admittedly I was nervous about going out on my next run. I wanted to remain comforted by my last successful run. It was a much needed boost mentally, and I didn’t want to be brought back to reality with a grueling/painful run.

I knew I couldn’t avoid running for very long and after a few days I braved it. Anxious yet determined I completed my run, and what do you know? It was great! Each run since, I’ve gone out slightly wary that the good runs would be short lived, and so far I’ve had four consecutive good runs. And I mean really good runs. Not to gloat about it too much, but when you know that a marathon training schedule lies ahead of you, you’ve got to cherish the good runs (and the good weather) while you can.

Now that I’ve started to see real improvements mentally and physically I’m kicking my training into gear. I have mapped out a training plan that will see me gradually increase my mileage and “long run” distance each week until Christmas, and booked in my first mini-target: a 10km in just under 5 weeks.

Bring it on VMLM2015!


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