Foaming all over the place

I’ve had a brief hiatus from running these past few weeks. After seeing a physio and being told to rest my legs for a week or so, I’ve been filling my life with yoga, swimming and a massive amount of stretching.

The test run I went for earlier this week was promising, things are moving in the right direction – hurrah! I recently went back to my physio for some deep massage on my leg. Painful enough to make the purest of pure swear, but oddly kind of enjoyable too – work that one out. 

Getting to the point, she’s allowing me to start some gentle running again. No tempo/intervals/hills (shame!), just a straight-forward easy pace with plenty of time in between each run for my legs to recover.

I have also ordered my first foam roller to carry out some self-massage. The theory is that it’s so easy I’ll be able to do it while I’m watching The Great British Bake Off. I don’t think it’s really that enjoyable, but maybe salivating at the baking on TV will take my mind of the pain I’m putting my legs through?

imageWhat was great about my trip the physio was she really put things into perspective and made me feel a lot less anxious about my training. This injury didn’t come about over night so I need to allow myself plenty of time for it to get better, and thankfully I have time on my side right now to take my time in building my running up before the marathon.