Going in the right direction

I don’t want to jinx myself…but…

I have been struggling to not only feel good on my runs over the past few months, but also struggling to enjoy my runs recently. I’ve felt lethargic, unenthusiastic, and like my legs are dead weights from the get-go. Even when my body is OK, my mind has never been on the same page. I was starting to feel a little despondent about training and running in general.

Not one to give up easily I have persevered, kept up the cardio in various forms other than just running and wasn’t too hard on myself when I did run. I might be premature in saying this – maybe if I put it in brackets it won’t really count… (I think it’s finally paying off).

Last night I went for a seafront run with my mum, we did 500m interval reps and I was flying. Usually me and mum are quite evenly paced, but each interval I was sprinting off ahead and finishing the rep only slightly out of breath. What’s up with that?!

I’m not sure what changed yesterday, I’m not going to question it. Fingers crossed this is the turning point in my training!





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