The death of the hangover

On Friday after a long week at work (ish) (ok, a 3 day week) my thoughts turned to my plans for the weekend. I resolved to get out and do a decent run on Sunday afternoon, at my pace (sans mother) to test the waters. To see where my running capabilities were at.

Cut to Sunday morning, nursing a hangover fueled by beer pong, wine, cider, vodka and more wine. I thought I was being sensible the previous night by “pacing myself”, drinking lots of water and ensuring I had a good meal in me before I started drinking. It turns out the best way to avoid the dreaded hangover is to…not drink. Damn. I spent my Sunday sleeping, downing glasses of water and attempting to eat a bacon sandwich, before sleeping some more. I barely even walked anywhere let alone went out for that optimistic run I had planned!

I guess that’s something that will come into play much more regularly next year when my training steps up a gear – the not drinking thing. For now I need to not be so foolish as to think a couple glasses of water in between my wine and vodka lemonade will stop me feeling the effects of a good night out! Lesson learned.


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