Running tip number 1

If you’re planing on going for a run after work – never, under no circumstances, sit down when you get home.  It takes SO much more willpower to get going again!

P.s. this this may or may not be happening right now. Must. Go. Running.


26.2 reasons why I’m running a marathon

It’s JUNE!! Which for me means the month that I pay my ill or injured entry fee into the 2015 London Marathon. It’s paid. I’M IN! To mark this scary exciting moment I have put together my 26.2 reasons why I’m running a marathon.

  1. It’s the biggest fundraising event in the world. To say that I’m going to be a part of the 35th one of those is quite cool (to me at least).
  2. It’s in London, and London is amazing. I may be slightly biased on this one since I work in and live near to London, but I think it’s the best city in the world. I’m lucky that my marathon debut will be here.
  3. It’s a flat course. No hills – hooray!
  4. It’s one of the few courses where spectators line every single mile of the course. Which means there’s always someone there to cheer you on.
  5. The spectators are amazing. I should know, I’ve been one three times!
  6. I’m young and (relatively) fit and healthy. Now is as good a time as any to put my body under the pressures of a marathon.
  7. I want the medal. (AKA I want the prestige).
  8. I made a bucket list at the age of 15. And running the London Marathon before I turn 30 is on there.
  9. It will be fun… right?
  10. I can pass the time by trying to spot celebs running it too. Note to self: Google which celebs are running first!
  11. I can also pass the time by daydreaming about this turning into a reality: #wishfulthinking…tumblr_mj7h6xHP5Z1s2cmkto1_500
  12. As a runner you get to travel on the underground for free! I love a good freebie.
  13. Free burger and prosecco. When you show your medal on the day at GBK you get a free burger… did I mention I love a good freebie?
  14. Sense of achievement. Twenty-six point two miles of achievement.
  15. Running is my stress reliever. Training against this back drop helps all my troubles fade away…cropped-1959814_814117365478_489781666_n1.jpg
  16. To inspire others. My mum is now a runner! That never would have happened if me and my dad hadn’t taken up running.
  17. I don’t know if I can actually run that far. But I’m crazy brave enough determined to find out.
  18. Carb loading before race day. This has got to be the best part of all that hard training. Getting to eat lots of carbs in the few days before the marathon. Pasta party anyone?
  19. I enjoy running. I’d have to to want to run 26.2 miles!! I may not be comparatively very fast, but I’m competitive against myself and myself alone which suits me down to the ground.
  20. An excuse to listen to that cheesy pop music I not so secretly love. One Direction, Five Megamix, Eye of the Tiger…you name it, I love it.
  21. Because it’s quicker than walking?
  22. And no one really needs their toenails…
  23. To give this blog a purpose and fill my friends’ Facebook feeds with inspirational quotes like this: ca713e962d3211e39d5922000ae91047_7
  24. I’ll be raising money. For Mind, the mental health charity.
  25. And possibly one other charity…watch this space!
  26. If a 101-year-old man, a woman missing half a lung and a man carrying a fridge on his back can run a marathon, what’s stopping me? 

26.2 I got a ballot place. I know a lot of people who have tried for a ballot place five or more times with no joy. These things are like gold dust!


The death of the hangover

On Friday after a long week at work (ish) (ok, a 3 day week) my thoughts turned to my plans for the weekend. I resolved to get out and do a decent run on Sunday afternoon, at my pace (sans mother) to test the waters. To see where my running capabilities were at.

Cut to Sunday morning, nursing a hangover fueled by beer pong, wine, cider, vodka and more wine. I thought I was being sensible the previous night by “pacing myself”, drinking lots of water and ensuring I had a good meal in me before I started drinking. It turns out the best way to avoid the dreaded hangover is to…not drink. Damn. I spent my Sunday sleeping, downing glasses of water and attempting to eat a bacon sandwich, before sleeping some more. I barely even walked anywhere let alone went out for that optimistic run I had planned!

I guess that’s something that will come into play much more regularly next year when my training steps up a gear – the not drinking thing. For now I need to not be so foolish as to think a couple glasses of water in between my wine and vodka lemonade will stop me feeling the effects of a good night out! Lesson learned.