Five years

2009 raceforlifeI downloaded that Timehop app that looks through your social media profiles and tells you what you were doing on any day 1/2/3/4/5 years ago. This popped up yesterday – a link to sponsorship for my first ever 5km.

I’ve been running for five years. This was something of a light bulb moment as even now, five years later I sometimes don’t consider myself a ‘runner’. There are always so many people much better than me and I don’t enter that many races, I’m not particularly knowledgeable about the subject. But I enjoy it, and I do run. It doesn’t matter what my ability/level is. Part of me has been thinking that I will call myself a runner after the marathon. But if I’m out there running 5km+, doing sprints, hill training, and training my mum – what part of that’s not being a ‘runner’?

I remember getting to the finish line of that race thinking how exhausted I felt, now 5km is manageable. 5 years ago if you had told  me I would – at times – quite enjoy hill sessions I would have given you a ‘you’re crazy’ look. Funny how 5 years can change things! Right now I’m looking at people who do cross country in the winter as ‘crazy’. Maybe in five years I’ll be down there in the mud with them…!

*que my ‘you’re crazy’ look*. 😉


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