My mum’s a runner!

Words I never thought I would say, but she is! When we started her on a running program my goal was to get her to run 5km in under 35 minutes. When I shared this with mum her reaction was along the lines of ‘ha, yeah right!’.

Check out our run from this weekend:


This is an amazing achievement for someone who has barely even run for a bus before, and it allowed me to lay some good foundations for my training. I worked it out and there are 50 weeks and 5 days until Marathon day…! If we assume that my current comfort level of training is 5km, and I want to have run at most 22miles in training before the big day including tapering, then I need to be increasing my ‘long’ runs by 0.4 miles every week. That’s 2112 ft. or 643.74 metres. That seems doable?

Another added benefit of training my mum is that focusing on her progress has helped me to become more structured in setting goals and planning how to achieve them. 50 weeks is a heck of a long lead up to a race, and I could easily lose sight of my goal in this time. So I’m going to set myself some mini milestone goals over the next year, and try and book some races in to fit around these goals. Seems simple enough!

Right now though I’m doing a ’30 day challenge’ at the hot yoga studio, which is where you pay a discounted monthly fee and you get to try out as many classes as you want in those 30 days, no commitment. There’s two weeks left so that’s my main focus for the next two weeks – get the most out of my money as possible!


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