Oregon Circuits

Tonight was my return to my local running club’s Wednesday night session.

Wednesday night sessions are for the hardcore, the dedicated, or the just plain crazy ones (me!). We meet at a track at 7.45pm, usually have a warm up of a “light jog” around the track, followed by some drills (high knees, skipping, kicking heels back – that kind of stuff). Usually I’m ready to throw in the towel right there, but no! It’s just getting started…

These sessions are different from your long runs/ easy runs, they focus on a specific activity designed to push you, improve performance and make you feel like your heart is about to beat out of your chest. Tonight’s session was focusing on Oregon Circuits. We ran around the track, and sprinted between two sets of cones (about 100m) before returning to normal pace to complete one lap. At the end of the lap we then did 8/10/12 press-ups before repeating the lap and 100m sprint. At the end of each lap we had a different activity – burpees, spotty dogs etc. We repeated this SIX times. Before having a short break. Then we did it another SIX times.

This was a tough one to come back on, after each exercise my legs felt like dead weights trying to drag myself around the next running lap. Being out of practice and back after a long time away I was the slowest in the group and I got slight cramp in my toes and some lovely gnat bites! They’re almost like my war wounds from the session 😉

But I did it. I braved the first session back, which is always the hardest. I look forward to getting back into the swing of things, perhaps with some bug spray on in future.


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